Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades Recaps Chapter Twenty-Four


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You know, it figures that today I’d have yet another issue with posting these recaps.  Luckily this one is just mildly annoying and isn’t actually going to stop anything.  So for whatever reason, when I try to use the insert link button it just refuses to insert the link.  No error message, no hint of a problem.  Just a lack of a link.  I shall tinker with this later but for now, more recaps!

Also here’s where I’ll put the link to Jenny’s blog once I’m able to do that again.

Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades Recaps Chapter Twenty-Three


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Happy Friday the 13th!  And apparently all the Valentine’s Day advertising for the Fifty Shades movie was just to disguise the fact that the movie comes out today.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, I’m amused by the appropriateness of the date.  On the other, I’m appalled because I’ve always loved Friday the 13th.  My baby Brego was born on Friday the 13th.  Thankfully the month was June so E.L. James hasn’t poisoned my horse’s birthday.  But still, it’s the principle of the thing.

I think I’m settling on offended as a reaction to this news.  So here is my reply.

It’s Fifty Shades Recap Day!  Get ready for a brief avalanche of recordings, my friends, because book one is getting done today.

While recording chapter twenty-three I kept getting caught on Ana enjoying that ‘Christian smell’.  It was one of the few times I really enjoyed Christian’s name choice because I was able to misunderstand Ana as saying she enjoyed the scent of Christianity.  What would that be?  Incense and communion wafers?

Be sure to run on over to Jenny’s blog to get the full experience.

Edit: Okay, for whatever reason it’s not letting me insert the link so here’s the physical address.

Edit 2: Fixed!

Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades Recaps Chapter Twenty-Two


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Aaaaaaaand we’re back!  We’re getting pretty close to Valentine’s Day so I’m drawing in to that deadline I set for myself.  Still, just four more chapters to go.  I think I can make this.

As always, be sure to pop on over to Jenny’s blog.  You’ll want to see the pictures for context and I don’t read her introductions and announcements.

It Was Love in the End


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So technically I know you’re supposed to do throwback posts on Thursday but hey, I am the Fairy Queen of my blog and if I decide it’s Throwback Saturday then it’s Throwback Saturday.

Plus I wanted to post this before I lost the courage.  I wrote this in a creative writing class in high school so consider that a disclaimer all on its own.  This is for Frances, the horse who we lost too young.

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Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades Recaps Chapter Twenty-One


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So I mentioned this on twitter but I had a real tough time keeping a straight face during recording.  It’s one thing to read awkward dialogue during a Christian/Ana sex scene and another to say it out loud in my deep, ‘manly’ voice.  I had to cut out a lot of laughing.  And a few sneezes, too.  Maybe I’m developing an allergy to this stuff.

Dart on over to Jenny’s blog to catch all the pictures and other excellent content.

Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades Recaps Chapter Twenty


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Another Saturday, another recap.  As always, hop on over to Jenny’s blog so you get the full experience and extra content.

Something I notice the more I do Ana’s voice is that there are times where it becomes surprisingly sincere.  Almost as if there’s a ghost of character in Ana that’s been trying to claw its way out and call for assistance.  Can’t exactly blame her.  I’d be pretty desperate to escape 50 Shades if I ever found myself trapped inside.  Not before punching Christian in the nose, though.  Gotta have priorities.

Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades Recaps Chapter Nineteen


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Happy Saturday everyone!  The last Saturday of September.  And good riddance, too.  Personally I am more than ready for pumpkin spice season.

It’s getting harder all the time to vary the women’s voices without going completely ridiculous like I do with Ana’s.  I have a feeling I’m going to start doing accents soon.  Speaking of accents, Ana is almost in Georgia with her Mom so I can start doing my shoddy southern accent again.  It’s the little things, you know?

Be sure to follow along on Jenny’s blog so you can spot all the visual gags.

Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades of Grey Recaps Chapter Eighteen


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It’s that time again, folks.  Turn on your listening skills and take a ride on the sanity train conducted by Jenny Trout.  Be sure to hop on over to her blog so you don’t miss any visual gags.  Business Time by Flight of the Conchords is also worth a listen.

Jenny’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades of Grey Recaps Chapter Seventeen


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Oh wow, look at that.  I didn’t die in some freak dressage accident.  Not to say I wasn’t completely convinced that was the way I was going to go at certain points over the summer but I’ve mostly gotten over that.

I’m so sorry about the delay on this, guys.  I got discouraged over the lack of streaming options and then it came to my attention that I could just spend twenty dollars on wordpress to have my own streaming abilities.  So I reasoned, hey, I’ll just wait until I have a spare twenty dollars and then get back to recording.

You can probably tell by the glaring lack of a streaming link in this post that that has yet to happen.  Good news, though!  I’m up for a job that pays more than last year so I should have a bit more wiggle room on that soon.  Maybe sometime in October I’ll have enough padding to go for it.  Anyway, I’ve felt increasingly bad about not posting here and then the 50 Shades trailer came out and I basically refuse to not be done recording the first book’s recaps before the movie comes out.  So that’s the goal!  Finish book one before Valentine’s Day.

As always, be sure to go read along on Jenny’s blog.  It’s always funnier with visuals.  You really don’t want to miss that stool chart.

I Lost A Friend Today


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Now that I think about it, I realize I’ve never lost a friendship that I genuinely wanted to keep before now.  Certain people have been culled from my life but I’d never intended to keep them in the first place.  And I might not be as close to all my friends as I once was but I know, from experience, that just a few words are enough to reestablish the connection.  The love remains.

I think of it as a web stretched across time zones, linking us no matter how much our lives change.

So I’m being launched onto this strange new landscape of having to cut ties to someone whose friendship I treasured.

When I consider someone a really good friend, I include them in my dreams for the future.  There’s an estate in Scotland, a castle and grounds, where I want to live.  I’ve moved all of my friends there, too.  While they may not always live there, or only visit, there is a room with their name on it.  I make them a part of the family I want to grow and include them in my definition of home.

For the first time since that habit began, I have to evict someone.  They can no longer be a part of my future, my family.  There is now a dark, empty room in the space in my mind that was reserved for hopeful thoughts.  I made a mistake and put someone in that room that I couldn’t trust.  It’s crushing.

The worst part is that I have to cut them out for doing something so completely, pointlessly cruel.  There was nothing to be gained and everything to be lost.  I don’t know why they made that decision.  I don’t know if it would make a difference if they explained it to me.  It can’t be forgiven.

They’ve already doubled down on the initial strike.  Apparently they found the idea that their actions could cause pain outrageous.  How dare they be expected to acknowledge other people’s feelings!

I already have a father like that.  I don’t need friends who think the same way.

I wonder now how I could have been so blind as to stumble into a relationship with someone who cares so little for their friends.  Who would only defend themselves in the face of the hurt they inflicted.

It’s all broken now.  They’ve killed a friendship and left me to grieve.  Probably they’ll think my reaction overkill or unreasonable.  But I can’t do anything else.

I have so few rules when it comes to my friends.  When you break the only one that really matters, there are no second chances.

The home I want to build is no longer open to you and neither is my heart.