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Oh wow, look at that.  I didn’t die in some freak dressage accident.  Not to say I wasn’t completely convinced that was the way I was going to go at certain points over the summer but I’ve mostly gotten over that.

I’m so sorry about the delay on this, guys.  I got discouraged over the lack of streaming options and then it came to my attention that I could just spend twenty dollars on wordpress to have my own streaming abilities.  So I reasoned, hey, I’ll just wait until I have a spare twenty dollars and then get back to recording.

You can probably tell by the glaring lack of a streaming link in this post that that has yet to happen.  Good news, though!  I’m up for a job that pays more than last year so I should have a bit more wiggle room on that soon.  Maybe sometime in October I’ll have enough padding to go for it.  Anyway, I’ve felt increasingly bad about not posting here and then the 50 Shades trailer came out and I basically refuse to not be done recording the first book’s recaps before the movie comes out.  So that’s the goal!  Finish book one before Valentine’s Day.

As always, be sure to go read along on Jenny’s blog.  It’s always funnier with visuals.  You really don’t want to miss that stool chart.