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After centuries spent trying to thwart the rise of his species’ progenitors, not once did Zachary Platt expect to survive their return.  Now, not only has he stared the Fount in the eye and lived but Prudence Whitby has told him she loves him.  For the first time in his life as a vampire, Zachary has a reason to fight to see the next sunrise.  With a little help from an unusual source, he may even succeed.

Prudence has discovered the terror of having everything to lose.  Over the course of a seemingly unending blitz of attacks, her life and the lives of her family are repeatedly put at risk.  A devastating loss changes her perspective forever, putting her fragile human body between the Fount and the fate of the world.

The devastation of the Fount has swamped them all.  Salvation lies between breaths and the precise ticking of a clock.

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