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Contemporary Paranormal Romance



Jackie Chase is in a tight spot. On the verge of bankruptcy and with her ranch on the line, she agrees to interview for a position with the mysterious Liam O’Connor – a man who makes her blood run hot and cold in equal measure. She has no patience for his slick veneer and even less for the fanged creature beneath it. There’s too much on her plate already for her to make time for a man that looks at her like he wants to eat her.

Liam never thought a working woman’s stubbornness would fascinate him but Jackie is the exception to every rule. At once she is fierce and warm, compassionate and uncompromising. He finds himself embroiled in her life with no desire to ever leave it.

But there was a world beneath the Los Angeles Jackie thought she knew, a world of monsters and ancient feuds. If they want to survive, their only chance is to work together to protect all they’ve grown to love.

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