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Contemporary Paranormal Romance



Jackie Chase is in a tight spot. On the verge of bankruptcy and with her ranch on the line, she agrees to interview for a position with the mysterious Liam O’Connor – a man who makes her blood run hot and cold in equal measure. She has no patience for his slick veneer and even less for the fanged creature beneath it. There’s too much on her plate already for her to make time for a man that looks at her like he wants to eat her.

Liam never thought a working woman’s stubbornness would fascinate him but Jackie is the exception to every rule. At once she is fierce and warm, compassionate and uncompromising. He finds himself embroiled in her life with no desire to ever leave it.

But there was a world beneath the Los Angeles Jackie thought she knew, a world of monsters and ancient feuds. If they want to survive, their only chance is to work together to protect all they’ve grown to love.

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Contemporary Paranormal Romance

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Zachary Platt is running out of time. The future of his world depends on the swift delivery of a hellish relic and the cooperation of an ambivalent shop assistant. Prudence Whitby is a young woman of no consequence yet a wicked twist of fate and instincts result in their becoming inescapably entwined. For an immortal who’s made a rule of keeping others at a distance, his burgeoning feelings could not have come at a worse moment.

Prudence has modest expectations for her life after college. Being caught in the orbit of an irascible client who seems alternately repelled and enthralled by her was not among them. She struggles with the depth of feeling inspired by a virtual stranger before confronting a far more terrible dilemma.

For the Fount of all vampires has been found, the doom of man approaches. All that stands between the earth and destruction is a mortal woman with the barest concept of what she faces and a vampire weakened by infatuation. They are not prepared and the clock is ticking…

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Separated from the woman he loves and trailing the carnage of an abomination, Zachary Platt has spent the past five months feeling useless. That sense only grows when their enemies strike a terrible blow and threaten them with ruin if the last pieces of every vampires’ progenitors are not surrendered. However, the box containing those remains disappeared along with Prudence Whitby and Zachary has little hope of seeing either again.

Prudence had not cut all ties when she had run from the reality of monsters and a love she couldn’t trust. She knows full well the danger she’ll face from friend and foe alike when she returns. An unspeakable monster haunting her steps, she chooses to rely on her family, her aim, and her unshakeable nerves to see her through the battle ahead.

There is little time for reunions with war on the horizon but Prudence and Zachary both are dogged by figures from their pasts. They have no choice but to face the pain and the peril together as the hour of the Fount’s return has finally struck.

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After centuries spent trying to thwart the rise of his species’ progenitors, not once did Zachary Platt expect to survive their return.  Now, not only has he stared the Fount in the eye and lived but Prudence Whitby has told him she loves him.  For the first time in his life as a vampire, Zachary has a reason to fight to see the next sunrise.  With a little help from an unusual source, he may even succeed.

Prudence has discovered the terror of having everything to lose.  Over the course of a seemingly unending blitz of attacks, her life and the lives of her family are repeatedly put at risk.  A devastating loss changes her perspective forever, putting her fragile human body between the Fount and the fate of the world.

The devastation of the Fount has swamped them all.  Salvation lies between breaths and the precise ticking of a clock.

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