My post about Georgia is coming.  I’ve been here at least a day and have made enough inane observations to make a relatively interesting point but my internet is tenuous and I’m hoarding until I have a better connection.  Also there’s a whole post about how glamorous horses are, emphasis on the sarcasm, coming once I download the pictures.  A vet and indignity is involved, but that’s all I’m tellin’.

Right now I have a really inane thought to share.  It became a tangent and I decided I might as well post.

Today I read the line, “I want to ride you hard and put you away wet.”

Don’t ask me why I read that.  You don’t need to know.

Anyway, I immediately thought about how being involved with horses has limited some of the sexy talk I could use while engaging in intimacy.  For instance, I could never say that.  Or have it said to me.  My immediate reaction to that line was, I swear, “How irresponsible.”

And it is!  I’m not crazy.  If you ride a horse hard and put it away wet you are a terrible person.  That isn’t to say riding a horse hard is bad.  Sometimes a horse needs a good, hard ride and that’s perfectly reasonable.  But putting it away wet?  Er, no.  Not unless there’s some kind of emergency and even then I’m dubious.

First of all, are we talking about putting the horse away wet with sweat?  Because that’s pretty bad.  Do you want to be stuck in a stall dripping with sweat?  Does that sound fun to you?  The sweat will harden and it’s seriously unpleasant for the horse.  Ick.  Would a bath really take that much time out of your day?  Just hose the horse down!

That brings me to my second point.  If you have hosed the horse down and put him away wet, then what is wrong with you?  Again, emergencies aside, I am giving you the side eye.  Fungus will pop up on horses when you don’t dry them properly and put them back in their stall.  No one wants a horse to have to deal with fungus.  If it goes septic you will have serious health problems on your hands.  It’s just not right.

Oh, brain, why must you kill something that sounded so sexy in the abstract?

But hey, if its sexiness has been killed for me I might as well kill it for anyone who stumbles on this blog.  Have a great day, everyone!