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On Wednesday I will be heading off to Atlanta for a few education conferences.  Not that I participate in them in any real way, that is the job of my travel companion.  I generally hear about all the details in the evening when the day’s work is done.  Every summer for the past four years I’ve been going to various cities in these United States for these conferences but this is my first time in Atlanta.

I have been to Atlanta before in a technical sense but I don’t think a lay over in an airport really counts as having been somewhere.  At most you’ve been to an airport.  And oh boy, have I been to a lot of airports.

I used to be crazy in love with airports.  They were always exciting because if you were going to an airport it meant you were leaving your existence as you knew it and venturing elsewhere. It was like cracking open a book but with more security.

Admittedly, some of the glow around airports has faded over the years.  I don’t dislike them but I do see them in a considerably less glamorous way.  They’re more like waypoints where you need to be able to take your shoes off and get your laptop out in a timely manner or everyone behind you is quietly resenting your existence.

Now that I’ve got that airport tangent out of the way, back to the point.  I’m going to a town I know very little about but it should be fun.  According to what I’ve heard about the weather there’s going to be a lot of storms while I’m there and if there’s anything I love it’s a good downpour.  Aside from the weather I have my eye on trying out a double bypass burger at The Vortex, mostly because instead of buns they use two grilled cheese sandwiches.  That is both insane and amazing.  Just the way my hat likes it.


No, I’m not blaming my bad decisions on my hat.  That would not be like me at all.