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Zachary Platt is running out of time. The future of his world depends on the swift delivery of a hellish relic and the cooperation of an ambivalent shop assistant. Prudence Whitby is a young woman of no consequence yet a wicked twist of fate and instincts result in their becoming inescapably entwined. For an immortal who’s made a rule of keeping others at a distance, his burgeoning feelings could not have come at a worse moment.

Prudence has modest expectations for her life after college. Being caught in the orbit of an irascible client who seems alternately repelled and enthralled by her was not among them. She struggles with the depth of feeling inspired by a virtual stranger before confronting a far more terrible dilemma.

For the Fount of all vampires has been found, the doom of man approaches. All that stands between the earth and destruction is a mortal woman with the barest concept of what she faces and a vampire weakened by infatuation. They are not prepared and the clock is ticking…



So here we are almost an entire year since I last posted on this blog and I have another book ready for pre-order on Amazon.  I’m hoping to keep up the activity here since putting the blog not just on a back burner but on a back burner in a different kitchen a thousand miles away from my house.  I have more Jenny Reads Handbook for Mortals in the can, a few personal ideas I’d like to write about, and of course the release of my new book!

Be sure to pre-order so it arrives on your favorite reading device once it’s released on Halloween.  I’ll be posting the first chapter here in the days to come as well as a recording of me reading that chapter, which ought to be interesting since one of the characters has a British accent and I’m what you could call ‘rusty’ at that.

Happy October everyone!