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Whoo, here’s a surprisingly prompt recap.  But first a quick update for those of you who want to know.


Brego’s doing a lot better.  He’s back on his usual diet and his white blood cell count is where it needs to be for him to finally go off the antibiotics.  The vet says if he keeps looking this good he can go home on Friday.

Phew.  There’s a vice around my heart loosening ever so slightly.  I probably won’t feel entirely relaxed until I can finally see him in person at the end of December.

I would also like to give a shout out to K Coldiron and Elisa Chavez!  Thank you so much for donating.  It means a lot to me and every cent makes it feel a little easier to breathe.

Now on to the main event!  Go check out the recap on Jenny’s blog to see the visual gags.