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Well guys, we knew this day was coming.  I have seven minutes left on soundcloud and this recap is 16 minutes long.  Sad times, I know.  I’m afraid the days of the pretty embed and sleek player are gone.  From now on you’re going to have to click a link and listen on a separate page.  Sorry, citizens.  That’s just how it has to be.

Maybe with more finagling I can figure out how to embed the link directly here but it took me forever to figure out this solution and I’m on the verge of trying to strangle the internet.  So that’s a project for another day.

In this recap I try in vain to imitate Madeline Kahn and wish I had the access to illegal substances that Jenny does.

Be sure, as always, to follow along with the recap.  There are a few really priceless pictures you won’t want to miss.

Edit: Okay, so the streaming link wouldn’t let people see it so I’ve changed it around but now it’s just downloadable instead of streaming.  Gah.  I’m going to tinker some more to see what I can do but for now the download of the recap is available.

Edit 2: Guess what, party people?