Image      What…?

No, wait, what is this doing here?  What is it?  Why is this image on my desktop?  I don’t think I recognize it.

Wait… No.  I do recognize this.  What do I recognize this from?  It’s the back of a card but why would it be here?  I haven’t deliberately put anything like this on my desktop so why…

Oh God.  I do know what this card is.  It’s the back of the online solitaire card.


Okay, so apparently I’ve dragged this unintentionally from my solitaire game online to my desktop only for it to wait quietly in a corner for me to notice it.  That is the only explanation I can give.

Mostly I can give that explanation because after noticing one card image and deleting it I proceeded to drag the card image several more times onto my desktop inadvertently.  Mystery solved!

I miss the time when this was just a technical mystery instead of being a tale of how ridiculously unobservant I was on my computer.